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Mohamed Salah

Liverpool's Anglis player Mohamed Salah bbc has rated him the best African player this past year, who at the last minute of the add-on has scored the penalty and has led his national team to the world soccer championship where he will take place in Russia.

• Mohamed Salah was honored by the media giant as the best in the "Black Continent", he left behind his fellow Liverpool, Sadio Mane and Dortmund's Borussia team player Pier-Emerik Obama, both of whom kanidat to get the price they wanted so much but the Egyptian had abducted for himself and did not afford them since he qualified his team to the soccer world so the team of Egypt had been missing many years

• In his interview he said I am very happy to win this award that really has a special feeling for me. I had a fantastic start to Liverpool and for this I was helped a lot by coach Jurgen Klop. But I do not want to mention my former team, Roma as well as the Egyptian national team players, "said Mohamed Salah.

•  The footballer was the architect of Egypt's qualification that this summer will play in the Football World Cup that will be held in Russia this achievement that comes for the first time in this country after 1990. He has scored 19 goals in all competitions, even for that reason, Roma continues to benefit from bonuses even after selling the Liverpool striker.

Mohamed Salah is the top scorer of the Premier League English Premier League with 13 goals

Manchester United vs Manchester City

     Manchester United vs Manchester City
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• Yesterday was a super match game
Manchester United vs Manchester City where he won the winning team with the result1-2 and left 11 points away from Manchester United.

• Manchester United team coach before the match at the press conference has said we will win the game but it did not happen as he said.

• Manchester City team scored the first goal with David Silva. But Manchester United's players had more chances to win the game because they played in their pitch after numerous occasions they leveled but they were not interested in just one point they were interested in 3 points but Manchester City player did not leave to score no points after having scored a super goal and the match went with 1-2 score for Manchester City.

• Now the two Manchester City teams are looking forward to the big contests in the Champions League, where today is also the lottery in Nion, Switzerland.

• The Manchester United team will play against Spain's Sevilla team, which is thought to be going smoothly in the next round after Sevilla's team is not at the right level as they lost to Real Madrid's 5-0 home team.

• Manchester City team will also face the Swiss team of Basel where they have won against the Manchester United team and have qualified for the next round.

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho had water and milk thrown at him and Manchester City coach Mikel Arteta suffered a cut head during a post-match row.
United were upset at what they viewed as an excessive City reaction to Sunday's 2-1 win at Old Trafford, which sent them 11 points clear at the top of the Premier League.
City's players celebrated in front of their fans after the final whistle and coaching staff tried to persuade manager Pep Guardiola to join them, but he refused.

After the players headed down the tunnel, it is understood Mourinho made his feelings known outside the visitors' dressing room as he made his way to post-match interviews.
The City camp reacted, with Brazil goalkeeper Ederson and Mourinho exchanging words angrily in Portuguese - but Mourinho carried out his post-match media engagements as normal and made no mention of it.
Arteta was left with a cut, though it is unclear how it was caused and sources from both clubs say no punches were thrown during the incident.
The incident started when Mourinho responded to what he perceived to be over the top celebrations.
  • The row took place outside the visitors' dressing room, the door to which was open. It was noisy but lasted no more than two minutes.
  • A one-pint milk carton - which had been left in the City dressing room for tea and coffee - was thrown at Mourinho. The United manager did not get splattered but a member of his staff was.
  • After the row, the Portuguese went into the referees' room, which is opposite the visitors' dressing room, and then to the tunnel to do his post-match interviews.
  • Players from both sides were talking to each other normally after they had got changed

• Coach Jose Murinho in his press statement said he was not allowed to make a political statement alongside Pepe Guardjola.

• Mourinho said my players enter the field to win and not lose.

• After the match where Mourinho was asked by journalists he has said that the judge has denied a penalty where Manchester City defender Otamendi has turned down Manchester United's Ander Herrera in the 11-meter zone and the match could have gone differently as we could have won match but these things happen on the playing field.
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